by Subjex

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Coming from my 7" vinyl released on Planet Mu (ZIQ078)


as funky and twisted as this sort of music (idm, electronica, whatever the fuck you want to call it) will be allowed to get. both are winners. 'interstella' takes metallic, twisting drums and nails them to a groove against which all sorts of mayhem can bounce off. 'funkynightmare' is just that. a cut up stuttering vocal tries to make itself heard against eerie chords, plink-plonky sounds and 8-bit melodies. champion.
Reviewed by sheikh ahmed (
Subjex construct the crunch with an array of metallic objects and broken instruments designed to rumble – just like we like it. The title track on side A is one of those delicious “play loud” numbers that sits itself somewhere snugly alongside Crunch, Eog and the Rip Off Artist with its bouncy cut-up aesthetic and DSP’d reliance on the funked-up glitch. Tough. “Funkynightmare” on the flip lets its hair down with a freeform deployment of Maxed-out beat sorties and malladjusted SFX – once again delivering the sort of tough-end IDM that manages to make itself noticable by being more than just placidly “Nice”. Wicked!


released 08 October 2013



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